Infrared Therapy

Far infrared therapy helps stimulate your metabolism and activate the cardiovascular system.  Additionally, it can improve the processing enzyme action in your digestive system, in addition to  enhance your metabolic process .  It’s the warm energy in people, family pets, other animals, and plant life.  It’s safe and healthy for everyone.  This natural and safe alternative treatment method can be utilized to treat  a number of health conditions including arthritis, joint inflammation, muscle soreness and muscle spasms and shoulder or joint stiffness.

Far infrared therapy has additionally been proven to have an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving outcome.  It’s been a medical leader in removal of toxins from skin and for improving blemishes.  It’s been clinically proven and tested, and so now numerous health professionals advocate far infrared wraps or saunas.

Far infrared is a band of electromagnetic energy, just as visible light and ultraviolet light are.  It is naturally emitted from the sun in the invisible spectrum of light.  It will penetrate clothing and towels.  Far infrared penetrates to a depth of 1.5 to 3 inches into the body’s tissues.  The therapy is a form of lower energy treatment that employs the heating produced by waves of energy on the far end of the infrared spectrum. It’s identified as any radiation having a wavelength between 15µm and 1mm.  It’s naturally produced by the sun and your body, within the invisible spectrum of light.

Far infrared therapy also triggers our blood vessels to expand. The expansion contributes to improving blood circulation and enables the body’s defense mechanisms to converge around the injured areas to assist in the process of healing. Regardless of the heating elicited, FIR therapy doesn’t trigger any substantial increase in core body temperature or even in blood pressure levels, rendering it less dangerous for elderly people with cardiovascular system issues.

Far Infrared heat is extremely therapeutic and penetrating for arthritis of all types. Do FIR saunas or use FIR wraps.  It will penetrate clothing and towels.

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