Thermotex Therapeutic Extended Leggings



The Thermotex™ Therapeutic Therapeutic Extended Leggings offer 4 pads of infrared heat a pair. This leg application of deep heat infrared therapy is intended to provide aid in the relief of stress and connective tissue pain in and around the leg.

Thermotex leggings showing infrared pads
There are 8 heat inserts in the Legging set, as shown; 4
long and 4 short

These Infrared Therapy System Leggings are a hinged, well-designed infrared heating appliance that can be used on either the forelimbs or hind limbs. Each legging contains 4 heating pads encased in durable nylon. Each Leggings unit is supplied in pairs so that either front or hind limbs can be treated simultaneously.

Most commonly used for pain relief as well as sore muscles and joints, the Thermotex Therapeutic Extended Leggings have fantastic benefits.

Anatomically, the areas of the knee and hock and distally down the limb are composed of tendons and ligaments with very little muscle tissue present. Infrared heat therapy to these areas will allow more tendon and ligament extensibility and benefit all the joints in the area.  The joints will be relieved of stiffness and enjoy a greater range of motion after the treatment.

The Thermotex Therapeutic Therapeutic Extended Leggings will remove lactic acid build up in your horse’s muscles, help to remove soreness from injuries, help reduce inflammation, and the infrared therapy will even help remove joint inflammation caused by arthritis.

Lowest Price and Free Air Shipping.
Because we have this product shipped to you directly from the manufacturer, we are able to save on inventory costs and offer the lowest price available including shipping and handling. The package of leggings is shipped to you direct from Alberta, Canada, by UPS Air. For delivery in the United States your package will normally arrive within 2 to 3 business days.

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How Does the Infrared Heat Therapeutic Leggings Work?

The advanced technology utilized by Thermotex™ Equine Therapy Systems delivers a relaxing and deep, penetrating heat right where it is needed most. Using infrared therapy in the horse leggings increases hemoglobin 25% to 28%, helps relieve sore muscle and pain from arthritis.


The following physiological effects are the result of the application of infrared therapeutic heat.
• Vasodilatation and increased blood flow
• Analgesia
• Increased metabolic activity within the cells
• Increased tissue extensibility
• Decrease in joint stiffness
• Prior to massage or chiropractic adjustment

Pre-event Warm up

By using the Thermotex leggings prior to exercising or an event,the animals tendons and ligaments within the limb are more extensible which allows a greater range of motion.

Due to the unique technology employed by the Thermotex Therapeutic Extended Leggings, overheating of the tissues in the legs will not occur. When you are warming the legs before an event, a short duration of treatment is indicated but when therapy is initiated as a treatment for a clinical condition, long treatment times are very beneficial.

Note that if a clinical problem exists, you should procure an accurate diagnosis before beginning treatment. For example, an acute swollen flexor tendon is an example that requires immediate diagnosis. If the injury has happened within only a few hours then infrared therapy is not recommended.

  • Sorry, the Thermotex Therapeutic Extended leggings pair is not eligible for discount coupons.
  • Thermotex Equine products ship to you directly by air from the manufacturer and may not arrive in the same package or at the same time as other products you order from Pain Relief Essentials.
  • NOTE: For hygienic and health reasons used equine and pet products are not returnable.
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Download instruction manual for the Thermotex equine leggings
Study on using Thermotex Infrared Equine Therapy vs. conventional heating pads and hot towel for racehorses.
Study on using Thermotex Infrared Equine Therapy vs. conventional heating pads and hot towel for racehorses.



Additional information

Product Care

All systems come with covers featuring adjustable Velcro fasteners and are machine washable. Covers are 100% nylon with a polyurethane coating. All systems also come with HI/LOW power settings. The infrared pads themselves are not washable or flexible, therefore should never be washed or bent.

Easy Step-By-Step Procedure For Use: 1.

Plug in the Thermotex Infrared Therapy System leggings appliance to pre-warm for a few minutes.


Restrain the horse so that neither its mouth or its feet will come in contact with any of the electrical cords. We recommend using cross-ties.


Make sure that the legs are completely free of liniments, sweats, poultice, or dirt and debris.


Properly place the legging appliance on the leg and secure with Velcro straps, making sure the heating pads run parallel to the tendons.


Plug in the legging appliance again and leave on the low setting until the horse becomes acquainted with the therapy.


Turn the switch to the high setting for the initial few minutes of infrared therapy.


After approximately 10-15 minutes, turn the setting back to low for the duration of the treatment.


When the treatment is concluded, the inside of the leggings should be wiped down with a mild disinfectant, dried completely, and stored in a clean place.


A rigorous massage to the tendons and the ligaments after the therapy is ideal.

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