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If you’re experiencing a problem with a product purchased through the Pain Relief Essentials store, email Pain Relief Essentials or call us at 360-306-5679.

You may also want to check out some common solutions below for troubleshooting Rhythm Touch issues.

Periodically we may post notices regarding service requests reported by our customers in the Common Solutions section of this page, and tips or workarounds on the FAQ page.

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Trouble Shooting Rhythm Touch and Common Solutions

The following is a list of some common solutions for your rhythm touch.

If your Rhythm Touch unit stops working even though the unit comes on, or if there seems to be a ‘contact’ problem with the pads plugged in but the unit will not function.

Please try these things before anything else:

  1. Wet your pads with a small amount of water…over time and use the pads will completely stop the flow of electricity. It is likely you will need new pads but wetting them will help you troubleshoot. See why pads work less effectively over time.
  2. Change the batteries. We recommend you purchase Rayovac batteries from a high volume store like Wal-Mart, even if the light is on there have been several instances where batteries purchased at the corner store had enough juice to power the light but nothing else.
  3. Switch the cords around. try different cords with different pads until all combinations have been exhausted. The problem could be the lead wires or the pads, this activity would narrow it down. Try also the different combinations of holes on top where the lead wires plug into the unit. The lead wires are a very specific gauge (very small) there has been times where the lead wires break from folding or bending for storage.
  4. There are springs holding the battery in… pull them out a little (gently) to make better contact with the battery. These springs will compress over time and will not make good contact with the battery. For this operation you may use a pen knife to pull the springs out.
  5. It is very unlikely it is the unit itself. From the units we have sold there are about 1 unit per 1500 that does not work from the factory.
  6. We have had no units yet that just stop working, it is usually one the items listed that is the problem.

Troubleshooting Advanced Foot Energizer

See troubleshooting the Advanced Foot Energizer.

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