Electrical Muscle Stimulator Pad Care

Instructions for proper Electrical Muscle Stimulator Pad Care and care of TENS Pads, EMS pads, Rhythm Touch pads, and replacement pads.

Pain Relief Essentials medical pads are the best quality you can find. Electrical muscle stimulator pad care includes proper usage of your electrodes as well as cleaning them and using them on clean skin. Replacement pads for any kind of electrical muscle stimulator, whether it is a TENS unit, an EMS, Russian TENS or the Rhythm Touch, will usually last for one-to-two months or 20 to 30 uses.

The effectiveness of your electrical muscle stimulator or TENS unit diminishes when the pads start to wear. It is not the adhesive part as much as the transfer of electricity through the pad. This is where the quality of pad plays a huge part. Pads with low quality gel will change the effectiveness of the device very quickly, –sometimes within the first couple of uses. We do recommend changing the good quality pads every one-to-two months, or changing pads every 20-30 uses. Lower quality pads will need changing far more often – sometimes after only two or three uses.

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If your electrodes give you a shocking or burning effect, it is very likely that their moisture content is too low or that they have become fouled with dirt, oil from your skin, or have become contaminated with skin cells or other elements. When this happens you will find they have reduced conductivity and/or reduced adhesion. Both of these cause less productive performance and the latter could even be damaging to your skin.

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Cleaning EMS pads to increase their life usage

The pads are moisture sensitive, so for a longer effective life wipe the pads off after every use with “wet ones” a moist toilette available in individual packets or in containers of up 100 toilette’s. We offer the most widely used pad size, 2X2 squares along with other sizes that are very effective.

Good quality pads can last up to three times longer than cheaper electrodes, but do not have to cost many times more!

Reusable self-adhering electrodes

Electricity passes through these electrodes at a very specific rate, a rate determined to be the most effective for relief. With use, the resistance changes which in turn changes the effectiveness of the Rhythm Touch. For best results, the electrodes should be replaced every one-to-two months; with everyday use, the electrodes should be replaced every 20 to 30 uses..

With proper electrical muscle stimulator pad care and storage these electrodes may be used multiple times. These are intended for single patient use.

Instructions for use:

  1. Clean and dry application area. Apply electrodes to unbroken skin only.
  2. Open and save pouch. Remove electrodes from package. Peel electrodes away from release sheet by lifting the edge of the electrode, not by pulling the wires.
  3. If electrode seems dry, add a few drops water to moisten gel and wait a few minutes to allow water to re-hydrate the gel
  4. Place electrodes on treatment area
  5. Superior Pads are very sticky -Apply finger pressure to electrode edge and press entire electrode to assure adequate contact with skin.
  6. Wipe off electrode with a non-alcohol wipe- baby wipe or wet one.
  7. Grasp the edge of the sticky pads and carefully pull away from your skin to remove.
Demonstrating electrical muscle stimulator pad care in removing electrodes from your skin
For the best electrical muscle stimulator pad care gently peal off sticky electrode pads.

Note: The life of an electrode varies depending on skin condition and care, skin preparation, type of stimulation, storage and climate. Your electrodes will need to be replaced when you notice any change in effectiveness of your unit or any change in the way the stimulation feels. Waiting too long to replace your electrodes will reduce the effectiveness of your unit.  Using proper electrical muscle stimulator pad care will extend the life of your TENS or EMS electrodes for up to 20 – 30 uses.

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