Migraine Headache Pain Relief Methods

Alternative Migraine Headache Pain Relief

  • If you could, would you reduce the number of your migraines by 50% or more?
  • Would you make those remaining migraines less intense, less painful?
  • Implementing some or all of these suggestions may just reach that goal.
  • Keep a diary- note the foods you ate, where you were and are, what you where doing… try to identify causes.
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Take a warm bath or shower
  • Avoid exercise during headache if it makes throbbing pain in head and neck worse.
  • Massage face, head, neck and shoulders
  • Gentle heat therapy
  • Eat something if you have not eaten for a while, avoid foods on the trigger list
  • Drink good filtered water
  • Eliminate noise or light to increase relaxation

One of the most effective massage tools we have found for migraine headache pain relief massages the muscles using technology that massages the muscle from within. The Rhythm Touch 2-Way allows users to massage any tense muscle or even target pressure points for fast effective relief.  This relaxation technique may help you with migraine headaches. Most users have discovered that by using the massager daily for at least 15 minutes for their muscle pain migraines are not as often and not as severe. You may also place the pads on the pressure points associated with headaches (instructions included with unit) run the massager for at least one session or 15 minutes. There is no limit on how long you can massage with the Rhythm Touch 2-Way so feel free to massage any area as long as you like.

Rhythm Touch 2-Way Electrical Muscle Stimulator

The first couple of years we were involved with the Rhythm Touch a common questions was “how do I use it for my condition?” Our response would be taken from the instruction book that said where to place the pads and for how long. This turned out to be a wrong answer as people were waiting for the effects of their condition to show. So if they suffered with migraines they would wait until the migraine showed up before using the unit.

It was a couple of years selling and talking to several thousand people, always responding the same way to questions of when and where to use it when a customer emailed us telling of the results using the Rhythm Touch for her migraine headaches. She said instead of using it during a migraine, she was using it every day in the pressure points for headaches and had not had her regular occurring headache in quite a while. She also reported sleeping much better. After reading her letter we started working with people to encourage them to use the Rhythm Touch on a regular basis: once a day at a minimum and for more serious conditions, twice a day, morning and night. The results have been incredible! People are reporting back that they sleep better, their condition seems to be improving… This was very exciting. When we approached several medical professionals about our discoveries they responded with an analogy about exercise: exercise once month and you will see no gains, but exercise a little every day and see great improvement over time. Very similar to how the Rhythm Touch works, it exercises the muscles. So we are seeing accumulative benefits.”

The Rhythm Touch is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease
and / or any other medical condition.