“MY doctor advised me to get the advanced foot energizer to reduce the swelling and to improve the circulation in my legs. I started using it daily and then to three times a week and now I am on maintenance. I have improved more than I thought I could. The customer service is without a doubt the best. I was on an automatic bimonthly subscription. My order was always correct and NEVER late. Such great service. I highly recommend this company for their products and service.” Dolores December 11, 2022.

Suzan B.

Kevin, I have been using my foot massager every evening when I get  home from work, I have had fibromyalgia for about 5 years now. and in the last couple of months it took over my feet. I could feel what felt like they were swollen by the end of the day but they weren’t swollen. Which told me it is circulation. The doctors in my area don’t seem to listen when I tell them how I am feeling so I just stopped going. I pretty  much do trial and error. But with your product there is no error.  My  feet feel great now for the last week. It is so nice to not have them in pain. Thank you Thank you. I have been telling others I know that have fibro about your product.  Again thank you.

Bao Ton – The Advanced Foot Energizer

I did not know anything about this machine (Advanced Foot Energizer). I have suffered from diabete mellitus, hypertension and bilateral glaucoma (severe on right eye and moderate on left eye). Recently, dry skin peeling, some of my fingers on both hands are cracked and bleeding sores into the cold season. After using this machine twice a day mode 8, each time for 25 minutes and sole 50. Within a few days, I was very surprised to feel that my fingers and both hands are soft, no more dry skin peeling, no more cracked and bleeding sores especially we are now in the coldest times of the cold season in California. Presently, I am using this machine in the morning when I get up and in the evening before bed time. I highly recommend it for anyone who has the same problem like me because this machine produces a massage action helping to boost your circulation.

This machine has changed my life

I carry it (Rhythm Touch) everywhere with me, even to work!

I use it almost every day, because it makes me feel better, and eases my pain.

It really helps me to relax.

I am diabetic and use it for my legs and feet every day to help with the circulation.

After using the massager I sleep the entire night without waking up.

Now I’m able t do things that I never could.

“I couldn’t live without it!”

I can really recommend it.

More freedom of movement and much better sleep.

Where I go my little miracle machine goes with me!!

Skeptical? You won’t be the first: And I admit I was very skeptical, however this little machine has changed my life.

Jerry in Menomonee Falls, WI

Once again thank you for your detailed help on the phone today that fixed my unit. I think that both the battery freshness and contact springs on the + side was the problem. It is nice to know that Service is not a dead issue as far as this product is concerned.

I would hate to go on my cruise without the unit. Now I don’t have to.

Let me explain my experience with my Neuropathy helping it by giving you a short history that you may use to post on your website since there is not link to it at present.
I am a 63 year old male and in good physical condition for my age. I am active in sports (golf, tennis, swimming, walking) and work out every other day doing cardio (recumbent bike about 16 miles per day) and weights. About 4-5 years ago, I started to notice a problem with coldness in the bottom of my right foot. It would come and go so I thought that the cold winter and too thin of soles on the bottom of my shoes was the problem. When it continued in the summer months in a very random cycle, I pretty much ignored it.

Progressively it got worse and began to extend further up my feet. What started on the right foot, soon extended to now both the right and left foot which extended almost up to the ankle. After taking a trip to Hawaii and remember laying on the beach and having cold feet, I knew, that I had to search for something to help, what I thought at the time to be, my circulation. At this time, I had still not been to a doctor. Shortly after my return from Hawaii, I attended a Trade fair show in Wisconsin at the State Fair Grounds. There I saw a booth for the Rhythm Touch Q2 Way (Red Beat Light) and after a short demo, purchased one and all the accessories but did not consider using it for my cold feet. I used it mainly for head aches, sports injuries, and stiff necks but very, very, intermittently and only for these or similar conditions.

By now the discomfort in my feet was actually painful. I tried magnets. I purchased some fairly expensive ones to be worn around the ankles and wrists, and, even though they helped or appeared to do good, I still had problems and my condition was getting worse with frequent episodes of cold feet.

After reading an article in the newspaper that gave the symptoms for PAD (peripheral arterial disease), I decided to really get checked out by my doctor. He did some blood work and ruled out diabetes and thyroid. Upon going to a specialist, I was told that I did not have PAD and my circulation was fine. Next stop a neurologist. He did a test with electrodes to check nerve damage and found that I had neuropathy. There appears to be no cure for neuropathy which he told me would get worse. I asked about medication.

Two actions came out of my diagnosis and his response…. He said that some people get relief from a homeopathic that can be purchased at Walgreens or other heath stores. I immediately went out and tried Alpha Lipoic Acid (200mg) and began taking 1 a day. It really helped.

I also thought about the Neurologist test using electrodes and electrical shock to check for nerve damage. It reminded me about my Rhythm Touch Q2 Way that I had purchased but never used for my neuropathy.

I wondered if it to would also help. About 3 months ago, I started using it and have noticed a dramatic improvement using both treatments. Now after talking to you about application and the frequency, I will try it. I will keep in touch and let you know how if my condition continues to improve.

Compared to what it was before, my life is much more manageable with nowhere the degree of discomfort that I had which was actually affecting my quality of life. Thank you for the Rhythm Touch and helping me getting my unit working again.”

Where I go my Rhythm touch goes with me

I had severe back pain a year ago and was on painkillers, my doctor said surgery would relieve the pain. That wasn’t an option as far as I was concerned! I began to look for alternative treatment. I started regular treatments with a Chiropractor and bought a Rhythm Touch, which he suggested I use at least 3 times daily. That was a year ago, I’m almost back to all normal activities, and look forward to full recovery. I also use my Rhythm touch for fatigued muscles after my 12-hour workdays. Where I go my Rhythm touch goes with me!

I’m a believer

After being told by my wife that I needed to try this product, I went to have some fun. To my surprise I found that it works. The knuckles on my fingers have been tender for the last year or so from ice fishing in the winter. I didn’t even think about this product would or could do anything for this problem. Much to my surprise the tenderness left my right hand after just one demonstration. I was so surprised that after three days I finally figured that I could do the same thing to my left hand. Guess what? It really works. I’m a believer. My wife and I have purchased a unit to take with us now. We are so excited to see what it can do when we use it on a regular basis.

Lucie C.


When I attended a trade show where the Rhythm Touch Q Electrical Muscle Stimulator was applied to my back, I immediately knew it would help to relieve pain from pinched nerves in my lower back. I have a severe case of Scoliosis. I used it periodically when the pain seemed more severe than other times. Then I took up golf. My game was improving but it was also doing a number on my lower back. I recently joined a country club and play 9 holes several days a week after work. Playing more frequently caused lower back nerve irritation, so I wore the Rhythm Touch Q as a test. I am so glad I did. I noticed right away that without it I made compensations in my swing because I feared pain in my lower back. Now that I wear the Rhythm Touch Q while playing golf, not only do I not feel the tightness in my lower back but my swing is improving and, at my last chiropractic appointment, my doctor noticed a significant difference in the tension around a certain nerve. The tension was much less than before and I didn’t need ultrasound treatment, only an adjustment. I am convinced that this is a product like no other for anyone who experiences symptoms such as mine.