Rhythm Touch Repairs

Rhythm Touch Repairs for Out of Warranty Units

Do you have a Rhythm Touch Massager that is not working? If so, Pain Relief Essentials may be able help with troubleshooting and repairing your unit for a very reasonable fee. In most cases you will not be without your Rhythm Touch for long. Usually we are able to send your unit out to you within 5 working day of receiving it. Please call us direct at 1-360-306-5679 or email Pain Relief Essentials with your request.

If your unit is not working, please see our troubleshooting guide and common solutions which fix 95% of the service requests that our customers have.

Have you purchased a Rhythm Touch Massager through someone else?

You will very likely still be able to use our repair program. Contact us at 360-306-5679.

Pain Relief Brands of Products Available

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