Rhythm Touch Acu-Pen Stimulator


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Rhythm Touch ACU-PEN

The Acu-Pen is designed for treatment using the fundamental principles of acu-pressure. It can be considered a non-painful alternative to acupuncture.Rhythm Touch Acu-Pen Connection

  • Plug the Acu-Pen into your Rhythm Touch Unit.
  • Locate the acupressure point associated with your pain and/or symptoms and apply the point of the Acu-Pen.
  • Begin the strength at “0” and then work your way up until you feel the Rhythm Touch working.
  • Set to your desired strength, increasing the strength to your comfort.
  • You can only feel this on certain pressure points. (Neck, fingers, ears)
  • You may feel the Acu-Pen more with a conductor like Spectra 360 Gel, body lotion, or Aloe Vera gel.
  • Some will feel the effects more and some less.

NOTE: This item purchased separately does not include Rhythm Touch 2-Way or other EMS / TENS device required for use.

Note: If the first acupressure point does not work, try the next point or points until you find one that works for you. There may be more than one approach to your symptoms. When you find a point that helps, continue using that point. If the relief is temporary, re-stimulate the point. Sometimes the pain will go away and return three or four times, decreasing each time.