20 Hypoallergenic EMS or TENS Electrodes

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20 Hypoallergenic EMS or TENS electrodes with premium silver layer – Friendly for sensitive skin

Individual skin friendly set of 20 hypoallergenic EMS or TENS electrodes electrodes for use with Electrical Muscle Stimulators or TENS devices requiring electrodes. Work well with Rhythm Touch, Healthmate Forever (non-snap) and other brands of stimulators. If you need electrodes with snaps

  • Allergen-Free Blue Gel
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Silver Layer for Best Electrical Dispersion
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Flexible
  • Reusable
  • FDA Cleared
  • Made in the USA

This is our best pricing for these 20  hypoallergenic EMS or TENS electrodes.  They are reusable up to approximately 30 times.  These electrodes are produced in the USA with a dual layer of special blue gel that provides superior adherence and are still easy to remove.  They are manufactured with copper stranded lead wires and a dispersive lug-head for superior electrical dispersion.  These are the top electrodes for individuals with sensitive skin.

See why Pain Relief Essentials high quality hypoallergenic premium electrodes meet a balance of comfort, effectiveness, durability, and price.

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These cloth backed replacement pads (electrodes) are constructed of a uniquely coated Silver (Ag) carbon film that provide superior conductivity and eliminate electrical current “hot spots”.

This highly conductive silver layer disperses the electrical current evenly over the entire electrode surface. Our electrodes are also manufactured with stranded copper wire instead of a carbon lead. The end result is that you will have a more comfortable and effective use of your device.process.

This item contains 5 sets of 4 individual skin friendly electrode adhesive gel pads.

Why should you use Pain Relief Essentials electrodes? These 20 hypoallergenic EMS and TENS Electrodes are skin friendly and manufactured in the USA using state of the art processes and include special layers of material that effectively distribute the current over the majority of the electrode. This increases your comfort and the effectiveness of your device.

20 hypoallergenic ems or tens electrodes higest quality electrode layers
Layers in our high quality electrodes




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Weight .375 lbs

3 reviews for 20 Hypoallergenic EMS or TENS Electrodes

  1. Robin

    Best electrodes ever used.
    Another co stopped supplying the med supplies and electrodes I was using.
    Can actually reuse them.

  2. Cheryl

    These have worked very well for me and I would like to re-order. I noticed that you have a number of items on sale on your website and would love to take advantage of the great prices. Could you send me a message and help me to make a re-order with you?

  3. June

    I’m ordering these for my daughter and she really does love them could you please send me the 10% coupon because I’m signing up for your newsletter

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