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Rhythm Touch 2 Way Electrical Muscle Stimulator


     The Rhythm Touch 2-Way Electrical Muscle Stimulator is useful for deep muscle and tissue pain relief.  With the longest* history of use and with many thousands of customers who have found relief from their pain through the use of this particular acu-therapy machine, we have found most of our users prefer this brand.  Please read our comparison pages to learn how different electrical muscle stimulators relate to the Rhythm Touch Q.  Approved for non-prescription sale by the US Food and Drug Administration. (

Now get more!  Purchase a Rhythm Touch 2-Way Direct today and we'll add an extra set of four to your order.  That's a $20 added value for free!  (limited time offer) 


Picture of the Rhythm Touch Q Electrical Muscle Stimulator and accu-therapy device for use in pain relief.


I had severe back pain a year ago and was on painkillers, my doctor said surgery would relieve the pain. That wasnít an option as far as I was concerned! I began to look for alternative treatment. I started regular treatments with a Chiropractor and bought a Rhythm Touch, which he suggested I use at least 3 times daily. That was a year ago, Iím almost back to all normal activities, and look forward to full recovery. I also use my Rhythm touch for fatigued muscles after my 12-hour workdays. Where I go my Rhythm touch goes with me!



After being told by my wife that I needed to try this product, I went to have some fun. To my surprise I found that it works. The knuckles on my fingers have been tender for the last year or so from ice fishing in the winter. I didnít even think about this product would or could do anything for this problem. Much to my surprise the tenderness left my right hand after just one demonstration. I was so surprised that after three days I finally figured that I could do the same thing to my left hand. Guess what? It really works. Iím a believer. My wife and I have purchased a unit to take with us now. We are so excited to see what it can do when we use it on a regular basis.



When I attended a trade show where the Rhythm Touch Q Electrical Muscle Stimulator was applied to my back, I immediately knew it would help to relieve pain from pinched nerves in my lower back. I have a severe case of Scoliosis. I used it periodically when the pain seemed more severe than other times. Then I took up golf. My game was improving but it was also doing a number on my lower back. I recently joined a country club and play 9 holes several days a week after work. Playing more frequently caused lower back nerve irritation, so I wore the Rhythm Touch Q as a test. I am so glad I did. I noticed right away that without it I made compensations in my swing because I feared pain in my lower back. Now that I wear the Rhythm Touch Q while playing golf, not only do I not feel the tightness in my lower back but my swing is improving and, at my last chiropractic appointment, my doctor noticed a significant difference in the tension around a certain nerve. The tension was much less than before and I didn't need ultrasound treatment, only an adjustment. I am convinced that this is a product like no other for anyone who experiences symptoms such as mine.

- Lucie in California

Rhythm Touch Massagers comes with a one year warranty from the factory, and because of our belief that this product will help you find relief through it's unique acu-therapy, Pain Relief Essentials is automatically extending the factory warranty to FIVE FULL YEARS if purchased through us**.  That's right, we've been selling the Rhythm Touch for so many years with so few problems that we can now offer you the best security available for Your purchase.  And if you do need repair, Pain Relief Essentials is the only company in the US to take care of your need directly.


This is the easiest to use Electrical Muscle Stimulator on the market.  It's so simple that you turn it on, pick the sensation you want to feel, and then turn it to the desired strength.

Buying a Rhythm Touch from Pain Relief Essentials guarantees the best support available for our direct customers.

Please preview a special manual in an easy to read large format from the Pain Relief Essentials Manual page.



Our- Risk Free, No-Hassle , 30 Day guarantee

     The Pain Relief Essentials organization currently has over 5000 customers who enjoy using of the Rhythm Touch Q with virtually no equipment trouble.   With total confidence we are able to offer you a guarantee that puts all of the risk on us!  If you do need to return your massager, please call for an Return Authorization code.


     It's literally this simple: Order the system today. If, you are not completely satisfied with your Rhythm Touch Q after 30 days of continuous therapy as instructed just let us know and weíll promptly refund every penny of the purchase price.


*Best Deal*



Rhythm Touch Winter Special Bundle

Price: $525.00  ONLY $239.95 US!

Plus USPS shipping of $4.99


The Rhythm Touch  Electrical Muscle Stimulator Winter Special Bundle Contains:

1 Rhythm Touch Unit with Batteries,

2 lead wires (will operate 4 pads),

4 2x2 self-adhesive pads,

1 Acu-Roller Mobile Stimulator and Massager,

1 Acu-Pen Pressure Point Activator,

1 Acu-Mouse Facial Muscle Pad,

1 small print manufactures manual

Manufactures Carrying Case for above.

5 year warranty for Rhythm Touch Unit!

~~~ AND ~~~

1 Rhythm Touch Genuine Leather Case designed to clip onto your belt and hold the Rhythm Touch

~~~ AND ~~~

1Custom Easy to Read Manual with diagrams, charts and user information (Not available elsewhere)

~~~ AND ~~~

Extra set of 4 special  Pain Relief Essentials pads*


Approved for sale by the FDA



Add One To Your Cart


Phone Orders

(888) 366-3257

Office Hours 9am - 5pm Pacific Time


*Pad color changing in March 2011 with improved manufacturing process.




Rhytm Touch Q electrical musscle massager

Rhythm Touch - Complete Kit

Price: $499.00 

Stimulus Price - Just $229.95

Plus USPS shipping of $4.99


Rhythm Touch Q Electrical Muscle Stimulator Kit Contains: Rhythm Touch Q Unit, 2 AAA Batteries, 4 2x2 self-adhesive medical pads 2 lead wires (will operate 4 pads), Acu-Roller Mobile Stimulator and Massager Acu-Pen Pressure Point Activator, Facial Pad, Carrying Case, 30 day money back guarantee*




The most complete package available on the web

Deluxe package 


Rhythm Touch Deluxe Package
Price: $599.00  ONLY $299.95 US!


The Rhythm Touch Q Electrical Muscle Stimulator Deluxe Package Contains:

1 Rhythm Touch Complete Kit


1 pair Rhythm Touch ACU-FEET THERAPY






Now: 1 Extra set of 4 special  Pain Relief Essentials pads


Accu-Therapy slippers for the Rhythm Touch and other EMS devices.

Acu-Therapy Slippers

     The addition of the new Accu-Therapy slippers to the Rhythm Touch is simply incredible. The slippers address a problem that many of our customers have: poor circulation in lower legs and feet.  Read more about these slippers on our supplies page.

Quantity discounts are available for wholesale orders.  Please call 888-366-3257 to learn more.

*The Rhythm Touch 2 Way is based on developments that began 30 years ago in Korea, and has helped literally hundreds of thousands of users around the world. 

**Warrantee covers Rhythm Touch main unit, Acu-Roller, and Acu-Pen, and is exclusive of pads, batteries, cords and other consumables.  Applies to purchases after July 1, 2006.

Products Available

Find specific instructions under each category under Conditions that cause pain and need relief.

     We encourage all who use the Rhythm Touch to use it 3-7 times a week. For many men, placing their Rhythm Touch next to their TV remote control works well for reminding them to use their unit every day. Many of our customers use it at work, whether in an office, driving truck or large machinery there is no restrictions because it so small, lightweight, portable and battery operated. A common favorite is to use it during travel, particularly plane travel. To be able to get up from those cramped seats with no muscle cramps and feeling refreshed is incredible. One of our first customers purchased it for Bells Palsy and immediately was an advocate of using it for travel. He traveled from Anchorage Alaska to Australia and took his Rhythm Touch to use on the 12 hour plane ride.

     For those with serious conditions using the Rhythm Touch constantly is very important. I think of those with neuropathy. This is a condition that seems to get worse every day, with consistent use the customers have reported that it does not get worse and in a few cases, they are reporting feeling it is getting better. Most will say they really notice when they do not use their unit for a period of time.

Rhythm Touch Q and Electrode Pads - Copyright Pain Relief Essentials
The Rhythm Touch Q and Electrode Pads

Connecting Rhythm Touch Pads to the unit - Copyright Pain Relief Essentials
Connecting the Rhythm Touch to Electrodes

Connecting wire lead to the Accu-Roller - Copyright Pain Relief Essentials
Connecting the Rhythm Touch to the Accu-Roller


Highest Quality Electrode Pads for EMS and Rhythm Touch Muscle Massagers - Copyright Pain Relief Essentials
Best Quality Electrode Pads - you can see the carefully spread leads inside each pad

Pad Placement for the knee - Copyright Pain Relief Essentials
Typical pad placement for knee conditions

Using the Accu-Roller - Copyright Pain Relief Essentials
Use Aloe Vera gel as a lubricant for the Accu-Roller


Superior Pads are very sticky - Copyright Pain Relief Essentials
Grasp the edge of the sticky pads and carefully pull away from your skin to remove

Plantar Fasciitis Pad Placement - Copyright Pain Relief Essentials
Typical pad placement for Plantar Fasciitis

Using the Rhythm Touch Accu Roller - Copyright Pain Relief Essentials
Roll the Accu-Roller over the area



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