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Rhythm Touch Reviews

Andy said…

I had the 2 Way for about three years. It has done wonders for my bad back and pinched nerve. My wife has recently started using for her foot pain she gets from tennis. I am now ordering a second one because we both are using it so much we don’t want to share and I take it with me when I travel.


Horace said…

Kevin: Thank you for shipping my replacement subject item.

I purchased my first Rhythm Touch 2 way about twenty years ago for treatment of neck pain. It not only solved my neck problems, but over the years my family has used the device for various physical ailments with great success. However, my greatest benefit has been derived from use of the Acu-Feet therapy for my peripheral neuropathy. Frequent use has effectively massaged my feet and reduced my foot nerve pain. I praise your product and customer support at the highest level. Please pass on my comments.


JG64 said…

My wife got this at a County fair in California last month. I’ve had electrical stimulation as part of PT over the years, which I found helpful. I am EXTREMELY skeptical of medical shilling, and I have seen a lot of it. I’ve been in the workers’ compensation defense field for 20 years, and I’ve seen plenty of scams. This is NOT one of them. I’m not sure if $300 is a good price or not, but the relief I’ve felt over the past month is worth that and then some. I use it nearly every day, and it’s changed my life for the better.


Shelley C. said…

The Rhythm touch unit is great. I bought it at the NFR at least 5 years ago, because my upper back was hurting and the lady put it on me at her booth, to show me how it could work. Well work it did. After a few treatments I performed myself, the pain was gone.
Now for the big story. I work out of my home, tons of hours on the computer and phone and also traveling in my truck and I have degenerative disc disease. It had been getting so bad that I could hardly stand. I was scheduled to go to my parents which was a long plane ride like 8 hours and I didn’t know how I was going to get thru it. Pain killers don’t touch what I had going. The night before I was to leave I almost canceled my trip. You see, I had forgotten all about the Rhythm touch machine I had bought at at the NFR (National Finals Rodeo). It was sitting on my shelf. It had already paid for itself once having cured my first back problem. Anyway, I was in tears the night I was to leave on the long plane trip and I was about to cancel my trip and them my friend who actually bought the unit in the first place for me, said, “Hey what about that machine I paid so much for that we bought at the NFR” He said if I wasn’t going to use it, his kid wanted it. Ironic that his kid wanted it at the same time I needed it. He told me to try it and let him know if it worked or not for my current problem. He said if it didn’t, he was going to give it to his kid. I thought what the heck. I just couldn’t see how this machine could help such a bulging disc problem and si joint pain, but guess what. It did. It was the only way I could make it thru the trip.


Advanced Foot Energizer Reviews

John K said…

When I first heard about this machine I was intrigued. After much research on similar machines I was convinced that this one would be a great investment in my own health. After speaking with Kevin at pain relief essentials I negotiated an outstanding deal to get it. Within 2 days my AFE arrived and after reading the instructions soon had my feet on the foot pads. Within a half hr. I was convinced that I had made a great decision. Now, a couple of weeks later I am still convinced that this device is well made and well thought out for daily use. I highly recommend it for anyone who can use a reflexology foot massage on demand.