Lucie C.


When I attended a trade show where the Rhythm Touch Q Electrical Muscle Stimulator was applied to my back, I immediately knew it would help to relieve pain from pinched nerves in my lower back. I have a severe case of Scoliosis. I used it periodically when the pain seemed more severe than other times. Then I took up golf. My game was improving but it was also doing a number on my lower back. I recently joined a country club and play 9 holes several days a week after work. Playing more frequently caused lower back nerve irritation, so I wore the Rhythm Touch Q as a test. I am so glad I did. I noticed right away that without it I made compensations in my swing because I feared pain in my lower back. Now that I wear the Rhythm Touch Q while playing golf, not only do I not feel the tightness in my lower back but my swing is improving and, at my last chiropractic appointment, my doctor noticed a significant difference in the tension around a certain nerve. The tension was much less than before and I didn’t need ultrasound treatment, only an adjustment. I am convinced that this is a product like no other for anyone who experiences symptoms such as mine.