Bao Ton – The Advanced Foot Energizer

I did not know anything about this machine (Advanced Foot Energizer). I have suffered from diabete mellitus, hypertension and bilateral glaucoma (severe on right eye and moderate on left eye). Recently, dry skin peeling, some of my fingers on both hands are cracked and bleeding sores into the cold season. After using this machine twice a day mode 8, each time for 25 minutes and sole 50. Within a few days, I was very surprised to feel that my fingers and both hands are soft, no more dry skin peeling, no more cracked and bleeding sores especially we are now in the coldest times of the cold season in California. Presently, I am using this machine in the morning when I get up and in the evening before bed time. I highly recommend it for anyone who has the same problem like me because this machine produces a massage action helping to boost your circulation.