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Rhythm Touch Acu-Feet Therapy
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Muscle stimulating slippers designed for the Rhythm Touch Q.

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New Accu-Therapy slippers

The addition of the new Accu-Therapy slippers to the Rhythm Touch is simply incredible. The slippers address a problem that many of our customers have: poor circulation in lower legs and feet.

The slippers make the Rhythm Touch so much easier and convenient to use on the feet. Just a little water based jell on the five contact points inside the slipper, slide your feet in the slipper and adjust the straps for good contact, connect the Rhythm Touch to the lead wires that come with the slippers, turn on the Rhythm touch, adjust strength to comfortable level and sit back and enjoy. The added convenience of having the slippers available in front of your favorite chair while watching television makes the Rhythm Touch used more often. Like exercise, the more you use it the more benefit you will get out of it. The customers who have purchased the slippers have reported back how wonderful they feel and how great their feet feel after using the slipper.

The bottom of our feet is like a fuse box. There are several pressure points on the bottom of our feet; these pressure points are associated with other parts of out body. By stimulating the pressure points, the body part associated with the pressure point is also stimulated. For centuries the Chinese have used this same technique for health. The accu-slippers stimulate these pressure points and activate circulation.

If you have neuropathy you may not feel the stimulation right away, even at full strength. The reports from our customers have been all over the map, from feeling the stimulation immediately, to using the slippers for up to two weeks before feeling anything. Take it at your pace, but use it at lease once a day for at least 15 minutes. Again, consistent use is the key; do not expect to get the same results sitting down for two hours once a week as you would if you used the slippers 15 minutes every day. Relating this to exercise: run or walk a little every day or run a marathon once a year, do a little every day.


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